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Easy Grow Garden Center is the best choice for cultivating everything from plants to other supports, of course from the best seeds and materials.

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Our long-standing presence in the market has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers. They trust us because they have seen our commitment to delivering value over the years
The first & largest planter bag manufacturer in Indonesia
Using the best raw materials with very strict quality control
High quality products with export standard
Domestic products are loved all over the country

Using the best raw materials with very strict quality control

Our Planterbag have been using in many countries world wide more than 20 years, and this time we are developing for application on to plants nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries in Indonesia with same standard and quality as products for export.

High quality products with standard export

We have been selling/export our products to in many countries world wide as same as local, we also have very strong distribution network to ensure availability products for on time supply to our customers/distributors in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hawaii, UK, Germany, South Africa, Republic of Mauritius, Dubai UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Lebanon, Cyprus, Noumea, and Jordan.

Why should you use EasyGrow Product?

EasyGrow has been the best selling and most loved Planterbag and other related products for supply to plant nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries. since first launch. Tried and tested by over Thousand people, EasyGrow is the best Planterbag and other related products for supply to plant nurseries, gardens, horticulture and forestry industries on the market today

Easygrow Products Category


Our quality seeds promise not just growth, but the cultivation of high-quality plants.


Our range of premium plants promises unparalleled quality, transforming your space into a thriving oasis.


Revolutionize your gardening experience by embracing this soil-less, nutrient-rich method

Wood Products

Crafted with precision and passion, our selection showcases the timeless beauty and durability of wood


Designed for efficiency and durability, our range includes precision instruments crafted to enhance your gardening experience


Specially formulated for maximum nourishment, our fertilizers are a blend of essential nutrients designed to enhance soil fertility and promote robust plant development.


Crafted for both style and functionality, our planter bags offer a versatile and modern solution for planting in any space.

Pest Control

Our curated selection of pest control products is designed to keep your plants thriving by combating unwanted invaders.

Growing Media

Our meticulously curated selection provides the ideal environment for plant roots to flourish.


From gardening guides to horticultural masterpieces, our selection caters to every green enthusiast.

Gardening iseasier with Easy grow


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Clients Love


EasyGrow Planterbag is the most wanted nursery bags in Australia because of good quality, we sale huge qty and increase every years.

Lomit Patel
Managing Director Sunpalm Australia Pty. Ltd

By using EasyGrow Planterbag, the result of good plant growth, absorption of water from the shaft is also good, plants become fresher, maintenance costs become cheaper and easier in transportation.

Welly Siswanto
Owner Bernike Garden, East Java

Always faithful to using EasyGrow, Plant growing healthy in EasyGrow’s Planterbag was already three years old but still durable

Ekana Fauzi
Fruit Plant Breeders, Central Java

EasyGrow Planterbag is an alternative pot or polybag replacement product that I have been looking for, more durable, practical, easily lifted and cheaper than used plastic pots or used drums.

Mark Sungkar
Agricultural Practitioners and Aquaponics

EasyGrow Planterbag help us to save production cost, they can be last for years, no need to replace broken black polybag film to the new one with very high workers cost in Australia

Graeme Logan
Owner Logan's Nursery Brisbane Australia
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